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When it’s time to make a plan that will help your staff make the shift to more effective and science-aligned literacy practices, I can help.

The options below can be mixed and matched to flexibly accommodate your setting and professional learning needs. All options are available either virtually or in person.

Kari Yates Professional Development Optons


Based on Kari and Jan’s groundbreaking book, Shifting the Balance, this keynote tells the story of their journey into the body of reading research, often referred to as the science of reading. They acknowledge that rethinking our practices is not only academic and practical work but is definitely emotional work as well. In this humorous, engaging, and science-filled keynote, they share strategies that can build a bridge between the reading science and classroom practice on behalf of students.  This keynote is ideal for districts experiencing polarization, resistance, or hesitation amongst staff members, and it illustrates the ways that bravely embracing science and balance will ensure that more children learn to read with less struggle. Educators will leave with both clarity and energy for the journey ahead.


A workshop can serve as a kick-off to launch your work with Shifting the Balance, or it can serve as a culminating event for a book study. A half-day workshop offers a light touch with each shift. A full day takes the shifts deeper. A two-day workshop gives teachers even more opportunities to reflect on the six shifts with each other and connect them to their classroom practice. All workshops are designed to deepen teachers’ understanding of both reading science and practical application. Each of these workshops is also available with specific variations designed for groups of literacy leaders.


Kari is passionate about working with school leaders, coaches, and teachers to build brighter outcomes for students, one step at a time. Kari has been in your shoes, as a building and district leader, she understands the critical role leaders play in developing a cohesive plan for professional development and instruction in literacy.  During a literacy consultation, Kari will direct her energy and expertise toward helping you make decisions and plans tailored to your specific needs. Kari will focus on identifying and building on your strengths while providing substantive, research-based support to help you achieve your specific goals.


The Literacy Audit brings Kari to your site to help you take stock of current practices. By visiting classrooms and engaging in conversations with leadership teams, she will help you identify strengths, gaps, and overlaps across methods, models, and programs. Ideally, across multiple days, the audit provides an outside perspective on literacy instruction, informed by research, current practices, and the school’s specific goals. It equips you with actionable steps toward improvement and is a powerful first step in collaborating with Kari. An audit will help you maximize your resources, leverage strengths, and target areas in need of growth or change in order to make instruction more brain-friendly, consistent, and effective in your setting.


Shifting the Balance: The Online Class explores each of the shifts more deeply, allowing teachers to linger with and process the ideas that are most pressing and relevant for them. Educators find the online course an engaging and transformative experience, and teacher feedback is overwhelmingly positive. This is a six-module, asynchronous virtual learning experience that offers you the flexibility you need to make it work with your schedule while also including ongoing conversations Kari and Jan. Shifting the Balance: The Online Class can stand alone or as a powerful complement to all the other professional development options on this menu. The class can be customized to meet the specific scheduling needs of your school or district. 

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