Let’s Lead for Literacy

Literacy opens a world of opportunity. 

Without it, life choices narrow.

But when we empower students with the gifts of reading, writing, inquiry, creativity and connection, we open the door to endless choice and opportunity.

When our classrooms are safe places for kids to explore, interact, take risks, follow interests, and pursue aspirations they learn to do these same things in the world outside of the school walls in ways that make their lives richer and more meaningful forever more. 

But helping children build vibrant literacy and learning lives takes courage, clarity and commitment. 

It requires a fierce and unwavering focus on kid-centered principles and practices.

Isn’t easy work, but it is simple. We simply need to commit. To stand together. To keep stretching and growing ourselves.

And to take one brave and committed action and then the next. Starting TODAY.

When we do, we can create the the kid-centered classrooms the students in our care long for and deserve. 

We can open the doors to endless possibility.

I choose this work because I want to support administrators, coaches, and teachers like you lead for learning and literacy, charting the course for all children within our reach to become LIFELONG readers, writers, collaborators, innovators and communicators.

It’s time now for that next brave step. 

Let’s go together.  

Let’s lead for literacy.