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Shifting the balance: 6 Ways to bring the science of reading into the Balanced Literacy Classroom

Kari Yates and Jan Burkins

Stenhouse Publishing, 2021

In this leading-edge book, authors Jan Burkins and Kari Yates provide a critical opportunity to look closely at the research, reevaluate current practices, and embrace new possibilities for an even stronger enactment of balanced literacy.

From phonological processing, to orthographic mapping and science-aligned prompting practices, Shifting the Balance cuts through the rhetoric (and the sciencey science) to offer readers a practical guide to decision-making about beginning reading instruction.

To know and Nurture a Reader: Conferring with Confidence and Joy

Kari Yates and Christina Nosel

Stenhouse Publishing, 2018


Every student deserves a teacher who committed to know and nurture them through the practice of conferring. And developing a conferring practice that really works is within reach for any teacher committed to build one.The tools, examples, and ideas in this book make conferring something every teacher can do right away and master with continued effort and practice.

Simple Starts: Making the Move to a Reader-Centered Classroom

Kari Yates

Heinemann Publishing, 2015

Meaningful change happens on simple next step at a time.  And Simple Starts is your getting-started guide to creating the reading classroom where all students can thrive. Conversational, practical, and inspirational, Simple Starts is filled with teaching strategies, quick reflection charts, example anchor charts, and teacher know-how from thirty years in classrooms and schools.