About Me

Across 35+ years in education I’ve worked as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, elementary principal, curriculum and staff development specialist, author, speaker, and consultant.


On each of the stops along my journey, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside scores of other committed and caring educators from whom I have learned so much. Together, we’ve worked to create the kinds of classrooms where: 

  • Joyful and engaged learning is evident everywhere you look.

  • Everyone is a learner – adults and kids alike – evolving and stretching day by day.

  • Evidence-based approaches are valued as a cornerstone for instructional design.

  • A kid-centered, strengths-based approach is the driver of all decision-making.

  • Adults look for and celebrate the beauty of each and every child.

  • There are abundant opportunities for reading, writing, and conversation.

  • Practices that support self-awareness, self-care, and self-regulation are valued for all.

  • We remember that this work is much bigger than the big test!


No matter where I’ve been, or what my role, I’ve learned that success in schools takes courage, commitment, and collaboration.

It is only when we harness our collective energy, effort, and optimism that we’ll be able to create and sustain the vibrant classroom communities needed to equip students for the great journey that lies ahead for each of them

Besides being an educator . . .

  • I am a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.
  • I love waterskiing because it makes me feel summery and young and free.
  • I love quilting because it allows me put the pieces together in new and beautiful ways.
  • I practice yoga and meditation to help me center and stretch both mind and body.
  • I read to connect with other people’s thoughts, ideas and inner lives.
  • I write to discover and share what’s inside of me.
  • I love naps and popcorn and dark chocolate with pretzels.


Most importantly for you, however, is knowing I am passionate about working with school leaders, coaches, and teachers to build brighter life outcomes for students, one next step at a time.

(This work, of course, can be always be paired with eating popcorn and chocolate.)

If you are are looking for support with your literacy leadership and professional development plan. I can help. It’s what I do. 

If you want to connect, inquire about speaking or professional development, you can reach out to me at [email protected] .

My most recent project is over at www.TheSixShifts.com where Jan Burkins and I support educators in making science-aligned shifts to practice so that learning to read can be easier – not harder –  for children.