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So I’ve been thinking . . . 

What if we all bravely decided right now that THIS was going to be our BEST YEAR YET?! 

In fact . . . what if we decided to start a bit of a BEST YEAR YET REVOLUTION in education? 

We could, you know. 

We get to decide. 

The only thing that’s stopping us is our own inaction.
 So I say . . . let’s do it! Let do just that!  

Let’s commit to 2019-20 being the best year yet.
Let’s revolt against the old stories and patterns that keep us stuck and exhausted and overwhelmed.  

Let’s commit to a year of brave actions and daring decisions. 
Let’s start by inviting more love and laughter into learning.  
Let’s commit to creating spaces that say, “Welcome home. You belong here.” 
Let’s commit to doing more listening and less talking.
More asking and less telling.
Let’s commit to seeing every child through a lens of strength and capability.

Let’s stop confusing quiet compliance with engagement.
Let’s set our students up to do more of the leading by offering them more voice and more choice throughout all parts of their day.
Let’s commit to keep stretching our practice, as we  learn new ways to meet diverse learners wherever they may be.    

Next year, let’s equip kids with the skills they’ll need to pursue their passions for a lifetime. 
Let’s do that by valuing curiosity and risk-taking more than right answers and by valuing persistence more than perfection. 
Let’s help kids transform their interests and aspirations into purposeful plans, focused goals, and daily actions.  
Let’s widen our view beyond school success, recognizing that success in the big wide world is ultimate goal of all we do. 

Let’s just decide to DO IT!
Let’s create the conditions to ensure that every single reader is engaged, empowered and thriving next year. 
Let’s take one brave step and then the next toward more 
                  joy-filled classrooms . . .
                         every single day of the coming year. 

And let’s do all of this while taking better care of ourselves as well. 

We can do this together. 
Let’s start today. 

Are you with me? 

If you’re ready to start mapping your path to a more kid-centered, wholehearted, joyful classroom where every reader can succeed, it’s not too late to join my online course Every Reader Engaged, Empowered and Thriving.

The clock is ticking. . . . but there’s still time.

Here’s to you and your best year yet!