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It’s been an incredible year.

You’ve worked hard.

Your readers have learned and stretched and grown.

But soon it’s time to turn them loose into that scary unpredictable space called summer!

Research shows that students who don’t read during the summer months may lose 2-3 months of the progress we’ve worked so hard to help them make.  That means when they return in the fall, some of them will come back to school reading like they were in February or March the year before.

Every summer that slips by without reading increases the gap and further stacks the deck against already at-risk readers.

To learn what you can do at any time of year to fight against the summer slide, download your free copy of 3 Keys to Safeguard Students from the Summer Reading Slide.

Download includes:

  • Strategies
  • Sample anchor charts
  • Book finding ideas
  • Printable planning sheet for students
  • Funding sources for books to send home with students
  • Suggestions for parent engagement
  • 10 Parent Tips Printable handout
  • Web resources for educators and parents
  • And more

Get yours now.

It’s never too early to start protecting students from next summer’s slide!